31 March 2008


Sunday Brunch- wheat toast with butter, sunny side-up eggs, free-run pig-style farmer's sausage, sauerkraut, tomato slices

Jelly Beans and The White Album! What a combo!
Jelly Beans

Un-fried kimchi-flavoured ramen with cilantro
Un-fried kimchi-flavoured ramen with cilantro

Chicken Greek salad with extra olives from George's Burgers and Subs
Greek salad with extra olives

Des frites

Snacks for watching Charmed season 8 with Allison: Root Beer float and peanutty marshmallowy chocolatey squarey stuff
Snacks for Charmed-watching


French toast with apples (that I couldn't eat), bananas, maple syrup at the Dandelion Eatery with John's fammy
French toast with fruit I couldn't really eat

After one sip of this, I decided it was too milky for me! PB & J smoothie from Dandelion Eatery (funny aside- two of the actors from the play the night before were also having brunch there!)
PB &J smoothie

My mum's American husband called this American Chop Suey.
American Chop Suey

Spinach salad with yummy sugared pecans and strawberries (also at my mum's)
Spinach salad

Birthday cake #4 (apparently I'm seven?)
Birthday Cake #4- Red Velvet!

Birthday cake #4- Red Velvet Cake!
Red Velvet Cake

Cheese platter at home with Johnovision: (clockwise from left) strawberries, gherkins, cracked pepper water crackers, Boursin cheese, Two-year-old cheddar, wheat crackers.

29 March 2008


Pancake House Waffle

Turkey Bacon
Turkey bacon

Mini pre-fab pizza (seriously lacking in the grocery department)
Mini pizza

After seeing an amazing play (Adhere and Deny put on the Orestia Trio), Sara and I decided we were starving and ended up at Burger King! OMG. I had a Whopper (seriously, OMG) and Sara wanted their "onion" rings. With the zesty sauce. For the record, there are no onions whatsoever in a Burger King onion ring.
Post-play BK run

28 March 2008


Onion soup with poached eggs, chai tea with almond milk
Onion soup with poached eggs, Chai tea with almond milk

Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans

Toast with tomato
Toast with tomato

Another toast with tomato

Ketchup popcorn- the seasoning all collects at the bottom.
Ketchup-flavoured popcorn


Veggie burrito
Veggie Burrito

Leftovers on noodles
Leftovers on noodles

Laura Secord mint chocolate egg
Laura Secord mint chocolate egg

...and then John and I ate the last of the gluten-free birthday cake. MMMMM.
Gluten-free cake leftovers

26 March 2008


Soft-boiled egg on toast
Soft-boiled egg on toast

Pink turkey vegetable soup with bulgar
Pink turkey vegetable soup with bulgar

Leftover mussels on whole wheat spaghetti with 1/2 a breadstick and asiago
Leftover mussels on whole wheat spaghetti with breadstick

Caramilk egg
Caramilk egg

25 March 2008

24.03.08 or the day I turned 29

Poached egg on leftovers
Poached egg on leftovers

Pink turkey vegetable soup (I used Shiraz to make it; I didn't have any white wine around)
Pink turkey vegetable soup

Easter Egg salad- I had this on toast. Made with our dyed Easter Eggs, hence the colours.
Easter egg salad

My awesome neighbours brought me (and mine) up some chips and homemade hummous and guac because it was my birthday <3
Birthday chips and dip

Mussels Arrabiata (i.e. Spicy!) with breadstick
Mussels arrabiate with breadstick

Very, very good Caesar salad
Caesar salad


Easter candy
Easter candy

Chocolate egg from Egg Hunt
Chocolate egg

John's sister brought over some Pringles to the Easter/Birthday brunch on Sunday

Easter/Birthday brunch
Easter/Birthday brunch

Birthday cake #2: white cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles
Birthday cake #2

Delicious cheese and crackers
Cheese and crackers

Smoked two-year-old cheddar and Nut Thins
Smoked 2-year-old cheddar and Nut Thins

Easter/Birthday Dinner #2 (clockwise from left: Allison's salad, rice/fig stuffing, roasted turkey, Sara's roasted veggies)
Easter/Birthday dinner #2

Birthday cake #3: Gluten-free lemon cake with chocolate/orange cream cheese icing, made by Allison
Birthday cake #3

23 March 2008


Poached eggs with ketchup
Poached eggs with ketchup

We celebrated my birthday early by having dinner at Massawa, an Eritrean restaurant. It usually takes at least an hour, so we ordered and almost polished off a litre of wine while waiting.

Samboussa- a fried lentil thing (but delicious)

I always get the same thing here- the vegetarian platter and the cold lentil salad. Next time I want to get a whole order of that spinach stuff on the right? Because that's my faaavourite. It's also funny how I always initially panic at how much injera we have (the bread- used to scoop up the food with your hands) but it's always just enough!
Birthday dinner

And a Baked Expectations cinnamon torte (not really that wonderful)
Cinnamon torte


Prune yogurt and orange pieces

This is essentially a fibre-rich cookie
All-bran bar

Leftover noodle soup from the Spicy Noodle House
Noodle soup

Serioulsy, never again!